Lake Superior

First and Second Grades - Mrs. Kendrick



Mrs. Kendrick


Virtual Tour of the Classroom!

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NBA respects parents' decision to prohibit posting photos of their child.  In some cases, this is unavoidable, thus precautionary measures are taken to mask the student within the picture. 

About the Class
 Like each sunset, every child is beautiful, unique and different. The teachers in
Lake Superior, embrace the differences and provide a unique and interesting style of
educating each and every child.

The Math program used by the students in Lake Superior and throughout the
school is Saxon Math.


Some of the things the students enjoy are:

  Star Student each week

  Rocket Math

  Working on the computer

  Earn Day where students work as a class to fill the bear with cubes                     when earned as a class for good behavior

  Jeans for good behavior

  Receiving smiles for the Smilesville store

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