Lake Ontario

Kindergarten - Mr. Walsh



NBA respects parents' decision to prohibit posting photos of their child.  In some cases, this is unavoidable, thus precautionary measures are taken to mask the student within the picture. 

Communication: To keep the lines of communication open between parents and school,
the Lake Ontario teacher uses GO Books (Get Organized). These books (folders) contain
important information such as the work the students did during the day, homework assignments,
notes to and from parents, milk and lunch money, and any other useful information to benefit the students success. The GO Books go to and from school daily.

Smilesville Store is a reward system for good behavior. Students in Lake Ontario and
Lake Superior are each given a smiley face with the numbers 1-10. When a child is rewarded
for proper behavior the teacher marks off a number with their initials. Once a child has earned
ten marks, they choose a prize from the prize box to take home. The child is then given a new
smiley face.

Don't be fooled by schools that offer all-day kindergarten, but only teach half day curriculum.

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