Lake Michigan

Third and Fourth Grade - Ms. Silva


Virtual Tour of the Classroom!

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NBA respects parents' decision to prohibit posting photos of their child.  In some cases, this is unavoidable, thus precautionary measures are taken to mask the student within the picture. 

Third grade is when students begin to realize that they are at different levels
academically than other students in the room. The students are taught that no one is better or
smarter than anyone else, they're just at a different level. The students' levels vary from subject to
subject and students know they must work harder in the subject that are more difficult for them.


All of the teachers try to arrange a field trip once a month. Field trips are a vital part of a
child's education. Exploring the Arts, or just investigating real life occupations, provides a well
rounded education. Students learn the importance of their studies and how they relate to the real

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