Lake Huron

Fifth and Sixth Grade - Mrs. Lanagin

Ms. Bly

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NBA respects parents' decision to prohibit posting photos of their child.  In some cases, this is unavoidable, thus precautionary measures are taken to mask the student within the picture. 


The students will have an assignment book that will need to be signed nightly,
so please be on the look out for this in their book bags.  

The students will be doing quarterly book reports, so they will need to be looking
for interesting chapter books that they want to read.  We have a plethora of books available in the classroom and there will be upcoming book fairs.  More information will be coming home soon on the specifics of the book reports. 


Lake Huron will be having Gym on Thursday and Art on Tuesday afternoon this year.  The
students need to be sure to bring their gym clothes and tennis shoes on
Wednesday.  They will receive a dress code violation if they do not change for
gym.  Please see your handbook for the gym dress code guidelines. 

Students who receive praiseworthy in both effort and conduct are invited to the
principal's breakfast.


The students use Houghton Mifflin, Prentice Hall and the Writing By Design to
improve their Language Arts' skills.


Grading System:
94 - 100 = A
84 - 93 = B
74 - 83 = C
64 - 73 = D
  0 - 63 = E

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