Seventh and Eighth Grade - Mrs. Smock


Mrs. Smock

Mrs. Smock


Virtual Tour of the Classroom!

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NBA respects parents' decision to prohibit posting photos of their child.  In some cases, this is unavoidable, thus precautionary measures are taken to mask the student within the picture. 

About the Classroom
To assist our students on the path of becoming lifelong learners, each student in Lake Erie 
is assigned an iPad to use throughout the day.  The classroom is also equipped with 8 computers.

The lines of communication are kept open with the use of assignment notebooks. The
students write their assignments in the book and the teachers check for accuracy. The
teachers sign the book, and if necessary, the parents do the same. Parents always know
what is expected and when. Parents and teachers view the note book daily. This system
ensures that no child will be left behind.

Students who exhibit good behavior are allowed to wear jeans once a month.

Lake Erie and Lake Huron students are permitted to participate in the sports program. At
this time, the academy has a girls' volleyball team and a girls and boys basketball team,
and co-ed soccer team. Go Rockets!


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