How You Can Get Involved


PTT Volunteers Needed!
The PTT is always accepting volunteers.

Join the PTT and help make a difference!

Meetings held second Tuesday of each month.

It is recommended that families volunteer 10 hours a year at New Bedford Academy.  This
can be done in a variety of ways.  Volunteering at a function or event, getting library books
for teachers, making phone calls, etc.  Volunteer hours are counted as anything that you do
for the school whether in the building or outside of the building.  

Join the PTT to help organize and participate in the following events:

  • Goodies with guardians
  • Meet the parens bonfire
  • Fun and field day 
  • Fall harvest
  • Movie night
  • Daddy-daughter dance
  • Ice cream social 
  • Mitten tree
  • Fundraisers 
  • Scholastic book fairs