Dress Code

New Bedford Academy Student Dress Code

The NBA Board of Directors approved the following dress code for students at New Bedford Academy. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians and students to take pride in the school by dressing appropriately to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning. Since all students on field trips are representing the school, the school dress code applies unless otherwise specified. The dress code is in effect from the time the student enters the building until he/she leaves school grounds. The exception to this is if the student is involved in extracurricular activities at the school.

The New Bedford Academy Board of Directors has adopted a school dress code.  Good places to shop for dress code items are Dillards’s, JCPenney, Meijer and Target. If you have questions about whether an item will meet dress code, please discuss it with the school administrator.

Pants must be tan or navy in color. They must fit appropriately around the waist and ankles and be in good repair, clean and wrinkle-free. Pants must be plain, Docker-style pants; and they must be worn at the waist. A proper pant will have two pockets on the front and welt pockets on the back. Pant styles which are NOT permitted, include denim, painter’s, cargo, or crop pants, pants with rivets or stretch pants.

Shirts must be plain or with an NBA logo. They can be polo style or tailored dress shirts in Oxford cloth with a button-down collar. Girls may wear blouses with a Peter Pan collar. Shirts must be designed to be tucked in. Shirts must fit appropriately, be in good repair, and clean and wrinkle free. Shirts must be cotton or a cotton blend (no silky or shiny fabrics). They may be long- or short-sleeved and any solid color (no designs, stripes or insignia). The NBA logo is the only logo that is permitted. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Turtleneck shirts may be worn as long as they are a plain, true turtleneck; no ribbed or mock turtles are to be worn.

Dress style walking shorts (cuffed or without a cuff) must be tan or navy blue in color. They must be dress style. Shorts are to be no shorter than two inches above the middle of the knee, front and back. Shorts must be no longer than the top of the knee in length. Shorts must fit appropriately around the waist and be in good repair, clean and wrinkle-free. They must be worn at the waist. (They may have two pockets on the front or no pockets.) Shorts may be worn during the months of August, September, October, May, or June.

Skorts/skirts/jumpers must be tan or navy in color and no more than 2” above the ground when the student is kneeling and no longer than mid-calf. Skirts may not be denim or jean-style nor may they be rolled from the top. They must fit appropriately around the waist and be in good repair, clean and wrinkle-free. The SchoolBelles uniform is the preferred jumper, but most jumpers of the correct color and length will be considered.

Belts must be worn with all pants/trousers that have belt loops. Belts must fit appropriately around the waist and be worn through the belt loops. Belts must be solid in color and plain in style (no ornamentation).

Cardigan, v-neck or crew neck sweaters may be worn. A collared shirt must be worn underneath a sweater. Sweaters must be a plain, solid color with no designs, insignias or stripes; fleece is not permitted. Turtleneck sweaters may not be worn. NO decorative buttons are permitted on cardigans.

School shoes must be dress shoes that have hard rubber soles of one inch or less and heels of less than two inches. All shoes must have closed heel and toe. This means no tennis shoes, canvas shoes, terry cloth shoes, sandals, cowboy boots, clogs, hiking boots, open-toed or open-heeled shoes. Shoes must be in good repair and shoelaces must be tied. Solid-colored tights or socks must be worn and they must have no logos or designs.

Hair must be neat, clean and well groomed. Students may not alter the natural color of their hair. Hairstyles should be moderate so as to not cause distractions (no fad hair cuts). No hats or caps may be worn in the school building. Boys’ hair must not touch the top of the collar. Hairpieces and hair extensions are not permitted.

Makeup is not permitted.

Nail polish may be clear only. Sculptured nails are not permitted.

Jewelry - Girls may wear small ½” post earrings (no dangles or hoops). Earrings may only be worn in ear lobes. Boys may not wear earrings. Students may not wear tattoos (permanent or temporary), apply stickers or write on their body or uniforms. Chain wallets are not permitted. A watch, a ring, and a necklace are permitted if they are tasteful and appropriate.

Electronic Devices - Students may not have or use beepers, laser pens, cell phones, CD players, electronic games, boom boxes, walkman type radios, laptop computers or toys.

Keep in Mind Please label all clothing with your child’s name, including outerwear.

Belts are a frequently missed item. If this is something your child might forget, a spare belt can be placed in your child’s cubby or backpack.

Remind your student of gym days. Extra gym clothes and/or shoes can be kept in book bags. You may purchase an extra gym shirt for this purpose.

Be sure nail polish is removed if this is something that your child wears regularly.

Gym Attire
A new NBA gray T-shirt will be given to new incoming students at the beginning of the school year. If you would like an additional T-shirt to keep on hand, they will be available for purchase.

Grades K-4 K-4 should bring tennis shoes and white or solid colored socks to change into for gym. Students are not to wear tennis shoes to school. They will wear their uniforms for gym with the exception of changing into tennis shoes. They will not be permitted to participate without tennis shoes, and they will be issued a dress code violation. Girls may wear shorts under their skirts/jumpers or they may wear pants/trousers on gym days.

Grades 5-8 must wear the NBA Spirit Wear shirt or a solid color T-shirt with solid colored athletic shorts or solid colored, loose fitting athletic pants. Shorts and pants may have an NBA logo or an insignia no larger than 2 inches. No other letters or words can be on the shorts or pants. Shorts are to be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee and no longer than the knee. The pants may be with or without stripes down the side of the legs. No snap pants are allowed. Shorts may be purchased through the school. Students must have tennis shoes and solid colored socks. At gym time, they will change into their gym clothes. If a student is not in appropriate gym attire he/she will not be permitted to participate in gym class and will be issued a dress code violation.

Special Days Attire
All students on field trips are representatives of the school. The school dress code will apply unless otherwise specified.

Jeans Day
Students are not required to wear uniforms on jeans days. They may wear jeans or cargo pants and an appropriate shirt (no tank tops, open midriffs, inappropriate written messages, or pictures). Athletic shoes may be worn. Sandals, open toe shoes, or shoes with a heel higher than two inches may not be worn on these days.

Students are permitted to wear clothing of their choice on their birthday or half birthday, if they have a summer birthday. Refer to Jeans Day guidelines.

Spirit Days
Students should follow basic guidelines as stated in the Dress Code regarding miscellaneous items. Look for specific guidelines in the “Rocketeer” or Student Council flyers.

Grace Period
At the beginning of every academic year, there will be a two-week grace period for dress code. If a garment is unacceptable, the student will be told what is incorrect about the manner of dress and asked not to wear it again, depending on the problem.

Students will be checked on a regular basis for dress code violations and consequences will be issued for those violations:

1st violation – written notification
3rd violation – Detention – 45 minutes after school
4th violation – Detention – 1 hour after school
5th violation – Meeting with student, parent, administrator, and Board member

1st violation – written notification
2nd violation – Detention - 45 minutes after school
3rd violation – Detention - 1 hour after school
4th violation – Detention – 1 hour after school each day for 2 days consecutively (2 hours total)
5th violation – Meeting with student, parent, administrator, and Board member

The administrator’s interpretation of dress code violations is final.