Transparency Reporting

Fiscal Year 2016-17 Budget Projection
2017-2018 Approved Budget
           2017-2018 Lunch  Budget

Annual Operating Budgets and Amendments
     Budget 2016-17 Amendment EOY Approved 6.12.17  
Budget APPROVED 2014-15
Budget Amendment  2014-15 (Nov.-11-14)
     Budget 2016-17 Amendment Lunch Approved 6.12.17   Budget 2015-2016 Amended 6-14

Budg6.10.15et 2015-16 Approved 
  Budget Amendment 2015-2016


Audit Reports (Last Two Years)
        Audit & Management Letter 2015-2016
        Audit & Management Letter 2014-2015

Deficit Elimination Plan
  The Academy has no deficit.

Credit Card Information
  The Academy does not issue credit cards.

Travel Information
  New Bedford Academy  had no out-of-state travel to report in 2015-16.

Employee Compensation information 
  Top- Administrator or Superintendent's 

New Bedford Academy Personnel Expenditures Over $100,000
  No employees at New Bedford Academy have a salary and benefit package that exceeds $100,000

Expense Chart
  Operating Expenditures 2014-15                       Operating Expenditures 2015-16
  Personnel Expenditures 2014-15                       Personnel Expenditures 2015-16

Educational Service Provider Pie Chart

       Operating Expenditures 2015-16

       Transparancy Expendature Report 2015-16

Quarterly Financial Statements/General Fund Balance
                    1st Qtr. Report
                    2nd Qtr. Report
                    3rd Qtr. Report
                    4th Qtr. Report

Policy on the procurement of supplies

Policy on reimbursable expenses

This school has no direct employees and therefore no reimbursed expenses. School Board Members do not have any reimbursed expenses. 

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General Fund Balance

Total Number of Days of Instruction for 2015-2016
  Days of Instruction: 175

Current Collective Bargaining Agreement
  New Bedford Academy does not have a Collective Bargaining Agreement

Health Benefit Bids
       New Bedford Academy does not request health benefit bids

Funded Health Care Plans
  Insurance Guide 2017

Total Amount Paid in Dues to Associations
  New Bedford Academy does not belong to any Associations

Total Amount Paid on Lobbying Services
  New Bedford Academy does not pay for Lobbying Services

Charter Authorizer Ferris State University


Charter Contract
  Charter Contract [PDF]

Certificate of Occupancy

Boiler and Fire Safety Certificates

Best Practice Salary Data
      New Bedford Academy

Educator Evaluation System Posting and Assurance
  Teacher Evaluation Tool                                                      Adminisrtator Evaluation Tool    
  Educator Evaluation Posting and Assurances                                Administrator Evaluation Posting and Assurances