New Bedford Academy Staff

Meet the Teachers


Classroom: Lake Ontario Mrs. Lattea

Mrs. Lattea is Highly Qualified with Michigan certification.

She has her Bachelors in Elementary Education from the University of Toledo and has a Master's in Reading from Nova Southeastern.


                        1st & 2nd Grades

Classroom: Lake Superior Mrs. Kendrick

The teacher in Lake Superior is Mrs. Kendrick. she is  highly qualified.

Mrs. Kendrick has earned a Bachelors of Elementary Education from Eastern Michigan University
and has an Early Childhood Education endorsement.

                     3rd & 4th Grades

Classroom: Lake Michigan Mrs. Schwalm
  Ms. Silva

Mrs. Schwalm and Ms. Silva are highly qualified and certified.

Mrs. Schwalm is currently attending Eastern Michigan University to obtain her Master's Degree in Educational Psychology.

Ms. Silva received her Bachelors of Elementary Education from Pittsburg State University. She received a Teaching Certificate for English as a Second Language from Kansas State University and holds a Michigan Highly Qualified Teaching Certificate. She is working on her Master's from Michigan State University.

                     5th & 6th Grades

Classroom: Lake Huron Mrs. Lanigan

Mrs. Lanigan attended the University of Toledo where she earned her Bachelor's of Education Degree in Ohio. She is highly qualified and certified in Michigan as well. She is currently attending Lourdes University to obtain her Master's Degree in Teaching and Curriculum.

                     7th & 8th Grades

Classroom: Lake Erie Mrs. Smock

Mrs. Smock is highly qualified and certified.

Mrs. Smock attended Eastern Michigan University where she earned her Bachelor's of
Science Degree. She Majored in Language Arts and is certified through the State of Michigan. She also attended Michigan State University and obtained her Master's Degree in Literacy Education.


               Special Education & Support

Special Education Teacher    
Speech/Language Pathologist Mrs. Lingle
MCISD School Psychologist Ms. Miller
MCISD School Social Worker Mr. Osstifin
MCISD LRE Facilitator Mrs. Ford
Title 1 Aide Ms. Mobley
At-Risk Teacher Mrs.Forshey  
At-Risk Teacher Mrs. Pizzo  


Principal Greg Sauter
Administrative Assistant Sue Young


Mary Beauch
Marvin Grant  
Bill Tiede